Software Features

Quickly Find Fraudulent Checks

Check Stock Verification

Compares a check’s size, layout, and font to determine any physical abnormalities.

Signature Verification

Identifies over 100 unique characteristics to determine if an individual’s signature is genuine. This Includes: flairs, curves, the distances between letters and much more!

Altered Check Detection

Locates suspicious areas where information may have been altered, specifically payee name and cash amounts.

Set Limits

Flags cash amounts that fall within the range you want to review.

ebank discovery software interface window check fraud review

ebank discovery software feature handwriting detection technology

Handwriting Detection Technology

Removes background noise and improves the document’s clarity to improve testing accuracy.

ebank discovery software feature zero factor


Allows users to tighten their testing parameters for stricter passing qualifications. This includes the level at which signatures will be tested for authenticity. This group can then be reviewed as a priority to save you time.

ebank discovery software feature work flow


Forwards payment decisions and check reviews to the party most familiar with the account. This party can be a bank branch or an account representative. Users can adjust their workflow for secondary review and 3rd party approval.

ebank discovery software feature external data feed

External Data Feed

Use popular fraud feeds, various warnings, and any specific targets users want to designate to improve their fraud prevention.

Powerful Analysis and Analytics

Historical Analysis

Tracks data and flags unusual activity that falls outside of normal behavior.

Transaction Analysis Activity

Find duplicate check numbers, excessive check amounts, out-of-range check numbers and checks that violate signing rules.

Positive Pay

Compares genuine check samples, called “issue file” with checks that exhibit unusual characteristics, if there is a mismatch the check presented is flagged.

ebank discovery check fraud historical analysis

Organization and Features All-In-One

Endorsement Check

Flags checks that are missing endorsements. Flagged checks are sent to the “endorsement-not-present” category for follow up.


Flags duplicate and unauthorized items.

Dormant Accounts and Lost Checks

Are automatically marked for further protection. Check numbers reported stolen are kept on file to prevent them from being honored.

Fraud Suspect

Selects highest potential risks for fraudulent checks.

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